The satellite has the distinguishing feature far above the local television station which only requires the use of the antenna. If you are talking about the superiority that the satellite TV has over the use of an indoor antenna, is the infrastructure that it uses. Satellite picks a variety of channels provided there is no obstruction in the sky blocking the satellite transmission. This single reason makes satellite ideal for a remote location which may be having difficulties in tuning into regular television station channels. In as much there will always be the supply of electricity, users of satellite TV will be to access quite a wide variety of television shows. This is regardless of whether they are close to a television station or not.
It is noteworthy to let you know that the quality of reception you get from satellite TV is not comparable with that of indoor or outdoor TV antenna. The signal being sent and received from satellite television is much stronger than that being sent and received from local television stations and home antenna. To this end, you hardly get any complain of poor quality viewing or less variability. It is always a very good quality.
There is an increasing and continuous offering of High Definition channels coupled with superior viewing quality by satellite. It is also backed with the ability to record real time video streaming session through the use of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Technology. This recording can later be played back to be watched. This is particularly important when it comes to important programs which viewers might have missed.
It is a habit for many of us to fiddle with the remote control device of our television set, all with the intention of searching for the channel of choice from our land base antennas. This problem is automatically eliminated by a satellite TV.